SILVA Expedition 54 Compass 360-360/360 MS - ON SALE

SILVA Expedition 54 Compass 360-360/360 MS - ON SALE

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Excellent to Very Good (Are you a bushwalker or rogainer?)
from Des on 30/07/2019
The compass has excellent 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 markings in it which help help you workout quickly how many metres you need to walk to a location. Particularly useful in rogaining when pace counting to a control in difficult locations such as dense pine forests. The needle is very stable but I wish it was a bit longer to help provide a more accurate bearing when walking in the dark during a rogaine with no visible landmarks to guide you. Crucial if the bearing is over a kilometre. The optical sighting system is easy to read and would come in handy to precisely locate where you are on a map on two separate bearings. The fluorescent markings come up beautifully in the dark and are easy to read. An excellent choice for day time navigation especially for bushwalkers.
easy to use
from Anil Kumar on 2/06/2019
it is better product but it sales in australia only, you should delivery it all over the world.

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