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A full-sized base plate compass with graduations in Mils used by NATO Forces, featuring measuring scales for positioning (GPS), magnifier, rubber feet and luminous markings for night exercises. The MS version is balanced for southern hemisphere (Australia & New Zealand) - 5-year warranty*

This advanced level compass is made for experienced navigators, perfect for more demanding trips or when you want to have the possibility to navigate with more advanced and precise techniques and with the added functionality for GPS.

The Expedition 4 military compass is made from robust materials and withstands the toughest of conditions. Furthermore it features a magnifying lens for detailed map reading and a declination scale inside the capsule, and comes with a detachable lanyard.

Map measuring scales: 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k, mm & inches.

Additional features:

  • measuring scales for positioning (GPS)
  • graduated in Mils*
  • magnifying glass
  • rubber feet for precision map work
  • gives light for up to 4 hours - luminated by daylight/flashlight etc.
  • detachable lanyard


  • Accuracy: ± 1° (17.8 mils)
  • Altitude use: 5000m @-15 °C
  • Declination adjustment: Declination scale inside capsule
  • Graduation: Mils - 6400° / 360° (360° inside the capsule)
  • Illumination: 4 hours after activation in light
  • Impact resistance: 30g in XYZ directions and free fall from 1.5 m height into gravel
  • Magnifying lens: Yes
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Patented red/black N/S lines in capsule: Yes
  • Resolution degrees / mils: 2 / 50
  • Scales: mm, inch
  • Settling time from 90° angle to complete rest: 5 sec
  • Settling time from 90° angle within ± 3°: 2.7 sec
  • Silicon friction feet: Yes
  • Size: 126 x 60 x 10 mm
  • Temperature operating range: -40 to +60 °C
  • Type of compass: Silva 1-2-3 System baseplate compass
  • UTM position plotting scales (Romer scales): 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k
  • Water resistance: IP68 - (more than 100 m)
  • Weight: 36 grams

* 5-year warranty against defects in materials or manufacture.

*Graduations in Mils (Milliradians): Mils compasses are divided into 6400 divisions rather than the standard 360 degrees.  Mils compasses are largely used by the military for calculation of range and scale – for example two objects that appear to be 100mils apart and are 1000m away from the observer are around 100m apart on the ground.

All compasses we stock are MS (magnetic south) models balanced for use in the southern hemisphere.

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