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The SILVA Race Plate is the successor to the SILVA 5-360 Jet compass.  The biggest, and perhaps most important difference, is the size of the baseplate. By making it significantly smaller it fits better in the user’s hand.  It also has a smaller capsule, same as the Race Thumb series, which significantly reduces the risk of bubbles.

Another difference is with the stencil holes. They are withdrawn from the baseplate and put in a separate “scale and stencil hole” plastic card that comes together with the compass. Everything to keep the compass as clean as possible.

The needle design has been changed to increase the map visibility, otherwise is the same. The SILVA Jet needle is extremely fast and stable which is great when you need to make quick decisions during a race. The rubber feet beneath the compass means better map contact and minimum risk of slipping.

This compass is perfect for the orienteer or whoever is in need of a compass with outstanding quality, fast needle settling time and stability during running.


  • Fast needle-settling time
  • increased map visibility
  • protective carry case
  • lanyard
  • stencil card
  • rubber feet to reduce slipping


  • Magnifying lens: No
  • Scales: (Scale card; 1:25, 1:50), 1:15k, mm
  • Size: 106 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 43g
  • Variant: Magnetic South
  • Scale card: Yes
  • Wrist strap: Comfortable and adjustable

If you prefer a compass that features a large magnifying window, see the Race Plate Zoom compass

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