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SILVA NOR Compass (Right Hand) MS

Right hand thumb compass with NOR needle.

$47.50 *
RRP $64.75
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SILVA Race Plate Compass MS

Baseplate compass with smaller plate size, increased map visibility & fast needle settling.
FREE DELIVERY (standard postage within Australia only)

$69.50 *
RRP $99.50
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SILVA Race Plate Zoom Compass MS

SILVA baseplate compass with fast needle settling and large magnifying window.

$89.50 *
RRP $119.50
In stock

SILVA Trail Run Compass MS

Small, lightweight but tough baseplate compass with minimum detail ideal for trail running.

$57.00 *
RRP $72.95
In stock

Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet

Lightweight bracelet constructed of 3.6 metres of high-strength paracord, includes an emergency whistle - a must for camping & hiking.

$22.50 *
RRP $24.47

Gerber Fire Starter

Small and compact, the Gerber Fire Starter offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry.

$29.95 *
RRP $34.60

SILVA Expedition 4-6400/360 Military Compass MS

Base-plate compass for military use with graduations in Mils, measuring scales, magnifier and luminous markings.

$97.50 *
RRP $130.60
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In stock

SILVA Carry Dry Map Case Large - 265 x 480mm

All-weather waterproof map case - holds maps up to 26.5 x 48 cm

$54.50 *
RRP $65.50
In stock

SILVA Carry Dry Map Case - Medium

Waterproof map case - holds maps up to 30 x 30 cm - new model

$39.50 *
RRP $54.00
In stock

SILVA Multi Scale Map Measurer

Analogue instrument for measuring distances on maps - eight map scales between 1:15.000 and 1:750.000

$29.95 *
RRP $34.95
In stock

SILVA 5-6400/360 Military Compass MS

A full-sized military baseplate compass with graduations in mils, magnifying glass, declination adjustment, clinometer and luminous markings. 

$129.50 *
RRP $169.95
In stock